Agents of the Internet Apocalypse

Agents of the Internet Apocalypse-book cover

Gladstone, the so-called “Internet Messiah,” has not only failed to bring back the Web, but his search has landed him in a New York City psychiatric ward. The rest of the world isn't doing so well either. The economy continues to suffer, further stoking the discontent of frenzied former Internet users still looking for a fix. More importantly, the government has ramped up its draconian NET Recovery Act, interrogating and detaining anyone deemed a “person of interest.” For Gladstone, finding the Net has taken a backseat to winning over his ex-wife. But even though he follows her to Los Angeles, he still can't shake the demands of his followers when his former account of the Internet Apocalypse goes “paper viral.” This newfound celebrity makes him a target for desperate online addicts, anarchic members of Anonymous, and shadowy government agents who have their own plans for him.

Author(s): Wayne Gladstone
ISBN: 9781250048394
Publisher: Thomas Dunne
Published: July 2015
Number of Pages: 256