The Way of Sorrows

The Way of Sorrows-book cover

The Angelus Trilogy #3
As the forces engage, we find the former escort Katherine Taylor having somehow survived the hideous scorched-earth attack on her Pacific Northwest home, but with no other signs of life in sight. Katherine soon realizes that her memory has been wiped clean, with few clues whether her toddler, Max, the child of prophecy who will guide creation through the next stage of evolution, has been killed or captured.

Meanwhile, Detective Jay Harper is once again at Lausanne Cathedral, where he is following a new directive from his immortal, heavenly central command: rescue both Katherine and Max before the goons eliminate all trace of goodness from the world at midnight. What unfolds is a thrill-packed, action-filled journey that spans the globe--and the heavens.

Author(s): Jon Steele
ISBN: 9780451476784
Publisher: Blue Rider Press
Published: August 2016
Number of Pages: 486