John Brunner SF Gateway Omnibus

John Brunner SF Gateway Omnibus-book cover

THE SHEEP LOOK UP: Environmentalist Austin Train is on the run. The Trainites, environmental activists and sometime terrorists, want him to lead their movement. The government wants him in jail, or preferably, executed. The media wants a circus. Everyone has a plan for Train, but Train has a plan of his own.
THE SHOCKWAVE RIDER: Nickie Haflinger had lived a score of lifetimes ... but technically he didn't exist. He was a fugitive from Tarnover, the high-powered government think tank that had educated him. First he had broken his identity code - then he escaped.
THE TRAVELLER IN BLACK: This is a collection of stories of the Traveller in Black. It is set in a world where chaos rules. One man - the man with many names, but one nature - is charged with creating order out of the warring forces of nature.

Author(s): John Brunner
ISBN: 9780575101883
Publisher: Gollancz
Published: July 2014
Number of Pages: 650