Books by Genevieve Cogman (5 total)

The Dark Archive-book cover
The Dark Archive

ISBN: 9781984804785
Publisher: Penguin
Published: December 2020
Number of Pages: 354

The Invisible Library-book cover
The Invisible Library

ISBN: 9781101988640
Publisher: National Geographic Books
Published: June 2016
Number of Pages: 341

The Masked City-book cover
The Masked City

ISBN: 9781101988664
Publisher: Penguin
Published: September 2016
Number of Pages: 386

The Secret Chapter-book cover
The Secret Chapter

ISBN: 9781984804761
Publisher: Penguin
Published: January 2020
Number of Pages: 336

The Untold Story-book cover
The Untold Story

ISBN: 9781984804808
Publisher: Penguin
Published: December 2021
Number of Pages: 401