Books by Niall Ferguson (6 total)

Civilization The West and the Rest-book cover
Civilization The West and the Rest

ISBN: 9780143122067
Publisher: Penguin
Published: October 2012
Number of Pages: 325

Colossus-book cover

ISBN: 9780143034797
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Published: March 2005
Number of Pages: 416

The Ascent of Money-book cover
The Ascent of Money

ISBN: 9780143116172
Publisher: Penguin
Published: October 2009
Number of Pages: 448

The Great Degeneration-book cover
The Great Degeneration

ISBN: 9780143125525
Publisher: Penguin
Published: June 2014
Number of Pages: 174

The House of Rothschild-book cover
The House of Rothschild

ISBN: 9780140286625
Publisher: Penguin
Published: September 2000
Number of Pages: 576

The War of the World-book cover
The War of the World

ISBN: 9780143112396
Publisher: Penguin
Published: October 2007
Number of Pages: 654