Books by Harlan Coben (10 total)

Fool Me Once-book cover
Fool Me Once

ISBN: 9781101984352
Publisher: Dutton
Published: August 2016
Number of Pages: 437

Hold Tight-book cover
Hold Tight

ISBN: 9780451226501
Publisher: Signet Books
Published: March 2009
Number of Pages: 496

Home-book cover

ISBN: 9781101986455
Publisher: Dutton Books
Published: February 2017
Number of Pages: 400

Miracle Cure-book cover
Miracle Cure

ISBN: 9780451234919
Publisher: Signet Books
Published: September 2011
Number of Pages: 511

Missing You-book cover
Missing You

ISBN: 9780451414120
Publisher: Signet Books
Published: February 2015
Number of Pages: 454

No Second Chance-book cover
No Second Chance

ISBN: 9780451210555
Publisher: Dutton
Published: April 2004
Number of Pages: 452

Run Away-book cover
Run Away

ISBN: 9781538748442
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Published: November 2019
Number of Pages: 416

Six Years-book cover
Six Years

ISBN: 9781524744335
Publisher: Dutton Books
Published: July 2018
Number of Pages: 368

The Stranger-book cover
The Stranger

ISBN: 9780451414137
Publisher: Dutton
Published: February 2016
Number of Pages: 464

The Woods-book cover
The Woods

ISBN: 9780451221957
Publisher: Dutton
Published: April 2008
Number of Pages: 509