Books by Robert Littell (5 total)

A Nasty Piece of Work-book cover
A Nasty Piece of Work

ISBN: 9781250054630
Publisher: Thomas Dunne
Published: October 2014
Number of Pages: 259

Legends-book cover

ISBN: 9780143037033
Publisher: Penguin (non-classic)
Published: April 2006
Number of Pages: 385

Mother Russia-book cover
Mother Russia

ISBN: 9780143120025
Publisher: Penguin
Published: November 2011
Number of Pages: 219

The Debriefing-book cover
The Debriefing

ISBN: 9780143114406
Publisher: Penguin (non-classic)
Published: November 2008
Number of Pages: 202

The Sisters-book cover
The Sisters

ISBN: 9780143038214
Publisher: Penguin (non-classic)
Published: September 2006
Number of Pages: 312