Books by Lev Grossman (5 total)

Codex-book cover

ISBN: 9780156028592
Publisher: Mariner Books
Published: May 2005
Number of Pages: 348

The Magician King-book cover
The Magician King

ISBN: 9780143131434
Publisher: Penguin
Published: November 2016
Number of Pages: 432

The Magician's Land-book cover
The Magician's Land

ISBN: 9780147516145
Publisher: Penguin
Published: June 2015
Number of Pages: 401

The Magicians-book cover
The Magicians

ISBN: 9780452296299
Publisher: Penguin
Published: May 2010
Number of Pages: 402

Warp-book cover

ISBN: 9781250092373
Publisher: Macmillan
Published: September 2016
Number of Pages: 192